Harmonic Dissonance is an immersive experience that explores the friction between social interdependence and individual agency in computer-mediated social networks.
Harmonic Dissonance composes an ever-evolving network based on physical, physiological and brain-based group synchrony.
Harmonic Dissonance challenges its audience to either obey or disregard the network: to follow their individual node as it moves playfully through the space or to step out of their ‘bubble’ and rebel against the technological interpretation of their connection to others.
Dikker + Oostrik’s collaborative work lies at the intersection of neuroscience and art. They explore our (in)ability to capture and embody human relationships, with the self and the other.

The Mutual Wave Machine by Dikker + Oostrik explores brainwave synchrony and neurofeedback.

The app SocioPathways visualizes brain synchrony between people as an evolving social network, with the social hub at its center.

Oostriks ofxFlowtools uses human motion to compose fluid simulations.


a project by
Matthias Oostrik + Suzanne Dikker

Arnoud Traa

our technical parner

our modern dance partner

support by
Stichting Niemeijer Fonds

Oostriks plplpl.pl explores movement synchronisation.


year 2018

type audiovisual installation

1 channel video
4.1 channel sound
1 channel IR camera
5 channel EEG
5 channel HRV & GSR
Heart Rate Variation & Galvanic Skin Response

runtime installation infinite

runtime Sync Session 10 min

footprint W*D*H 8x8x5 meters

EEG Data sets collected 0

Dikker + Oostrik collaborated with Marina Abramovič on Measuring the Magic of Mutual Gaze, exploring EEG interpretation, visualisation and apparently telepathy